What is the use of Gravity Convection Oven Laboratory


Application of gravity convection oven curing; baking, drying glassware drug metabolism research.

These gravity convection ovens are developed to meet the laboratory requirements of industry, research organizations as well as schools. Well-crafted as well as versatile, they are utilized for drying, sterilizing, baking, evaporating, annealing, heat treating as well as testing.

Low-cost alternative (to mechanical convection ovens) while temperature uniformity is not paramount. You may utilize while a powder or substance to be heated or dried would be disturbed by a fan-generated airflow. Strong with triple wall construction, these gravity convection ovens deliver accurate temperature uniformity and air distribution comparable to several forced air ovens. Units are well suited for a diversity of baking, drying as well as curing applications.

Cabinets are as attractive as they are robust. Exteriors are painted light gray as well as have a firm, scratch-resistant hammer finish. Doors open with high impact thermoplastic handles. Cabinets have heavy steel double-wall construction. Temperature uniformity is really improved by a perforated heat shield which absorbs radiant heat as well as distributes it more evenly throughout the product chamber.

A special gas or electric Laboratory Ovens equipped with a fan that offers continuous circulation of hot air around the sample to be heated. Chamber; cleaning is easy, due to stainless steel interior with smooth, rounded corners. The flexible shelving system with 13 to 19 positions ensures taking most excellent advantage of the internal volume. Heat stays inside the unit due to an exclusive insulation design, with the benefit of low energy consumption and cool outside. Bench saving footprint does not compromise volume.

Workspace is protected from the outer cabinet with one inch of high-density mineral wool, and interiors are made of corrosive-resistant aluminized steel. The control panel is capable of with an illuminated ON-OFF rocker switch and a heat/cycle pilot light

Temperature is managed by an automatic Hydraulic or a Bi-metal thermostat. Energy saving, low-watt density Incoloy sheathed elements are engineered into a solid design for quick run-up as well as recovery times. Temperature uniformity is really improved by a perforated heat shield which absorbs radiant heat as well as distributes it more evenly.

  • Gravity Convection ovens are the ideal choice for heating as well as drying of delicate samples that needs a gentle airflow.
  • Consistency – Repeatable outcome with magnificent temperature stability as well as uniformity
  • Versatility – Covers wide diversity of heating as well as drying applications
  • Extremely versatile with a wide temperature range, 50 – 250 °C and three benchtop sizes ranging from 2.3 – 6.2 cu. ft.
  • 2 wire mesh shelves as (55 lbs. capacity each).

Processes such as sterilization or heated storage are followed economically. Air exchange may be controlled by a damper – open it for drying to eliminate humidity quickly, and close it for heat treatment with highest requirements for temperature correctness.


drying, curing; baking, drying glassware, paper, pulp, biochemical research, non-flammable crystalline chemicals solid materials, textiles, tissue; drug metabolism research, pre-heating containers, moisture content analysis, moisture elimination, proteins starch digestion, chemical precipitation.

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