Things to Know About MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Hosting

MilesWeb's Dedicated Server-Hosting

Have you heard about dedicated hosting for your large website or application?

A company that looks forward to having more control and power will opt for a web hosting service provider that offers dedicated server hosting. 

If you are getting a considerable rise in traffic to your website or expecting growth in the coming times, dedicated servers are an ideal option for this. 

You get enhanced security, features and a high impact on the page loading times.

So, in this article, let us take a sneak peek into dedicated hosting and the reliable and affordable, dedicated hosting service provider in the market, MilesWeb. 

But, first, let us understand dedicated hosting.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a hosting service that provides a dedicated server with the dedicated resources to a single user or application.

In a nutshell, dedicated hosting indicates that your website has its server all to itself. A client rents a server from a hosting provider and uses all the server resources. 

With dedicated hosting, the customer has complete access and control over the machine. It comes in two forms managed and unmanaged. 

In the managed dedicated hosting, the web hosting service provider manages the server for the clients in case of any issues. 

It is essential to choose a dedicated server that is fast, secure and fully managed by the website hosting company. 

The server is built and maintained by the provider, thus cutting down the cost of purchasing your server.

With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you just rent a blank server and then you can customize it according to your requirements. You will be responsible for managing all the technical tasks like server maintenance, software updates, security and everything essential to keep your server secure and running smoothly.

Dedicated servers cost high compared to other types of hosting. 

Who can opt for dedicated hosting?

  • Websites with high traffic
  • Large E-commerce websites
  • Heavy and critical applications 

MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Hosting

MilesWeb provides bare metal dedicated server hosting. 

With a bare metal server, you get a completely isolated environment.

MilesWeb provides both managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting services. 

By default, all the cheap dedicated server hosting plans are unmanaged. The un-managed Linux dedicated hosting can be opted by clients having hands-on experience of managing a dedicated server. 

Here are the key benefits of MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting:

Hardware RAID

MilesWeb’s bare metal servers support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10. Hardware RAID is basically a form of RAID (redundant array of independent disks). With the Hardware RAID processing is done on the motherboard or a separate RAID card. You can opt if required at an additional cost.

Robust Network

MilesWeb’s network at the data center is connected with Multiple Internet Exchanges that comprises NIXI, DE-CIX, Extreme-IX, Extreme-IX – Bandwidth from

best-in-class service providers. 

Premium Bandwidth 

For your bare metal servers, MilesWeb offers bandwidth ranging from 100 Mb/s to 1GBPS.

Private VLAN Subnets

You can create private server clusters through virtual LAN subnets of 10Gbps.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Every bare metal dedicated server includes IPV4 and IPV6 addresses. You can purchase more IPs by paying additional costs if required. 

Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb offers one of the highest levels of network uptime guarantee of 99.95%. They ensure that your website is always up and running on the web 24*7*365. It gives the best experience to your visitors a happy surfing time. 

Check out the difference between a bare metal server and a virtual server.

Why opt for MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting?

Here are some more advantages of opting MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting.

Host Unlimited Websites 

You can host unlimited websites with the bare metal dedicated server hosting of MilesWeb. 

Also, you can move all your websites if hosted with shared hosting, reseller hosting, or VPS hosting to dedicated hosting. 

SSH Root Access

MilesWeb provides root access with each of their Linux dedicated server hosting plans. You have complete control and freedom to get the applications installed on your web server.

Free Setup with No Contract

MilesWeb does not charge any additional cost for setting up the server. Also, there are no extra charges for the cancellation of the plans.


With dedicated hosting, you do not share any server resources with other websites. Thus they are highly reliable for your heavy websites and web applications. 

100% Dedicated Resources

With dedicated hosting, you get the complete isolated server and 100% dedicated hardware resources. 

Powerful Servers

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers are fully powered by top-notch quality, enterprise-grade hardware from key giants like Dell, Supermicro and HP. 

The powerful servers are built to offer you the best speed and high performance. 

Hardware Level Control 

You get full root access to your bare metal server hardware via remote IP KVM Console.

High Security

With the bare metal server, there is a very high level of security. It protects yourwebsite from threats and malware as your server is completely isolated from others. 


The dedicated server allows you to run custom applications on your server with a custom environment. 

You don’t have to worry about the heavy applications and websites as they will run smoothly without a hitch. 


MilesWeb offers bare metal dedicated servers for your websites and web applications. A dedicated server improves the performance of your site and enhances page loading times. 

Get started with MilesWeb’s bare metal dedicated server for your website or application and boost your site with the highest speed and performance.

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