Top 5 or any FREE Opencart Facebook Extensions


Suppose you have a Facebook account, have membership in several groups, are the admin in some groups, and have a page related to your website for business purpose. Still, you don’t know how to make use of your Facebook account and that special page (linked with your website related your business venture) to promote your business. You know that Facebook is a vast array of formal and informal communication and the same can be easily used for business promotion purpose. So, let me attract your attention towards a few but different free Opencart extensions related to Facebook.

  1. Comment Box:

One among the cheapest and effective Opencart extensions is the comment box, used by the Facebook users. To be specific, this free extension can be used to motivate the customers to transcribe their opinions in the form of comments related to the products and services provided by the entrepreneur/service provider. When a customer makes a comment, there is a high possibility for sharing the same on his or her activity stream. Unknowingly, the customer becomes a tool for advertisement and this can enhance business and related services.

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  1. Like Box:

This is another Opencart extension which links the customer’s ‘likes’ with the target website. To be specific, this extension provides an explanation of the customer’s friends’ interests and opinions on different products. If a friend is already a fan of a specific website related to specific service, the same also will be displayed in the form of thumbnails. Another interesting fact about this extension is that it displays trending posts shared by you and others.

  1. Recommendation Bar:

This plugin is user-friendly and convenient to those who use smartphones as their tool to gain instant access to social networking sites like Facebook. To be specific, this plugin allows the users to have recommendations related to their interests based upon the ‘likes’ expressed by them by clicking like button on different pages and profiles. Besides, this plugin helps the user to share their interests and to make others attract towards certain products and services. As this plugin appears on either left or right part of the screen, users can easily identify the same in no time with ease. In addition, this plugin acts as a tool to lead the individual user to lead towards a specific product or service with some business interest.

  1. Facebook Feeds:

This extension exemplifies the global change in news sharing from information sharing to infotainment. To be specific, the latest and updated versions of valuable information was generally considered as the most important aspect of visual and printed media. But now, this concept is undergoing rapid change because the younger generation is not that much interested in visual and printed media. They can gain easier access to different social networking sites with the help of the World Wide Web. Besides, the users like the feeds presented by Facebook because it is the most updated version of live news. To be specific, BBC feeds on Facebook help the users to know the latest news without any special effort to decipher the same.

  1. Facebook Store:

This venture by Facebook and Opencart helps the users to link Facebook ID and Opencart and make use of the same as a common platform to sell and buy things. By gaining entry to Facebook, the individual user can make use of this social networking platform to link the same with Opencart through Facebook Store. Even smartphone users can make use of this facility because a link between the store and social networking site seems to be more convenient for the younger generation. From a different angle of view, the aforementioned store is similar to that of Playstore, exclusively for web-based applications and related services.

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