The Latest Trend in IT Service Management


Information Technology and Service Management strategy are interwoven into a single whole because of both the entities influence and boost up each other while extending into new horizons. Still, IT is just a tool within service management because service managers play the key role in making use of technology within the same. Within this scenario, it is interesting to go through the different but latest trends popular among service managers and the national and multinational corporations they represent.

One more fact to note, latest trends are like ‘one man’s trash another man’s treasure’ because suitability and success of a trend are interconnected with a service manager’s approach/attitude towards Information Technology and related service management.


Within this scenario, DevOps is one among the latest trends because it boosts up and supports team building. For instance, service managers depend upon this method to create an environment of collaboration or democratic leadership by lending ears to other members of the target team. One can see that dictatorship initiated by a manager within a team cannot ensure and bring forth effective outcome in the form of business. So, collaborative approach is essential to go beyond the limits traditional mode of business. Still, business organizations are with full of options within IT service management because innovation and its effective implementation is the secret behind success in the modern age.


One can see that multinational corporations provide ample importance to brand name because they know that brand name is interconnected with expected quality. On the other side, customers within IT service management expect that global brands provide ample importance to quality rather than quantity. For example, clients consider products from Apple Inc. are worthy enough to withstand the pressure related to its pricing. When a person buys a product from this company, foremost consideration is given to brand name and expected quality. At the same time, this company knows that their customers’ loyalty is related to quality. Unless, they can easily buy other products with cheap rate. So, one can see that quality products motivate self-service within IT service management sector.


One can see that the concept of automation derived from the human urge to have better outcome within limited time intervals. Besides, reduction of the cost of production is another aspect of each and every industry. Here, the usage of automation is helpful to have better outcome and low cost of production in general. Now, automation capabilities related to Information Technology did surpass manual activities with the help of machine learning. As an innovative tool within IT service management, automation and related machine learning creates practicalsolutions with ease.

Artificial Intelligence

It is an interesting fact to mention that Artificial Intelligence and Automation are interconnected. To specific, Artificial Intelligence depends upon automation to operate effectively. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is gaining more space within IT service management because over manual work is less popular. One can see that automated bots with artificial intelligence can deal with customers and this can reduce managerial effort to deal with customers. Future years may prove that Artificial Intelligence as an integral part of IT service management sector.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is another trend within IT service management. For instance, digital transformation is the process of digitalizing manually done works in the form of data storage facility. In the modern world, banks with IT enable service management facilities show ample importance the process of digital transformation in the form of online transaction. This is most helpful for customers because they can gain access to the wider scenario of different services put forth by new gen banks.

The Internet

The Internet plays the most important role in IT enable service management and the same is one among the latest trends. To be specific, the Internet can be used to ensure the security of online transactions and smooth functioning of service management. For instance, online transactions ban become a burden to those who are with less technical knowhow. Here, forgery and fraudulency can force clients to become weak targets. Still, proper blending of online and offline services can ensure the security of IT enable service management. When more people depend upon the Internet for IT enabled services, security will become a serious issue to deal with. But, timely involvement of service managers can reduce the risk of security issues in general.

Customer Engagement

Customer relationship is the core of IT Service Management because the same decides the end result of the efforts undertaken by service managers. Different companies and multinational corporations adopt different customer engagement techniques according to their own work culture. For instance, Asian work culture is entirely different from American and European work cultures. Even if customer engagement strategies differ in different workplace contexts, the expected end result is same, i.e., customer satisfaction and more business. Still, the new trends within IT service management gradually transforms from formal approach to casual approach and the same proves to be effective in the modern context.

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