All that You Need to Know About the New Facebook Notes


Have you seen the exquisite new format of the new Facebook Notes? It’s a wondrous thing. In this post, you’ll realize what’s happening, how to make a Facebook Note, and how to utilize them for your business.

The New Facebook Notes on Profiles or Pages – Update

The main thing you have to know is that the new Notes design is just as of now accessible on close to home profiles as of this composition. Facebook Pages likewise do have Notes yet it as of now is the more established format. Refresh Facebook Pages currently have the new design just as of January 2016. Facebook’s declaration of the new Notes design doesn’t state whether the new arrangement will be taken off to Pages additionally (my conjecture is that it will).

New Facebook Notes design

The new Facebook notes design on Profiles

When you go to Pages, you can at present access any past Notes or make another Note however it’s in the more seasoned design.

  • Facebook Notes on a Page
  • Primary Changes to Notes

The progressions are for the most part corrective however what a distinction configuration can make! The new notes have a flawless new cover picture at the best that you can add to your Note. Furthermore, the Note looks more “blog-y” (that is presently a word) in the design. Here are the adjustments basically:

Header Image (or Cover Photo) for each Note: perfect size 1200 x 445

You can add Links to your content

  • You can label People, Pages, or Groups right in the content (labeling used to be on the note itself)
  • Notes currently have a “feed” territory
  • The photographs that are in the notes can be an assortment of sizes and you can physically resize photographs by hauling the photograph edge. Be that as it may, the most extreme stature of the photograph is 720 pixels.
  • Every photograph can have an “inscription” inside the content.
  • You can have headings for your content just as vast “quote” territories.

Things that are as yet the equivalent

  • You can design the content of your note to strong, italics, and you can change the textual style to mono (which doesn’t look great so don’t do that)
  • You can have numbered records or bulleted records
  • Notes can have remarks, offers and likes
  • Notes have their very own zone on your profile so they are progressively “available” than a post
  • You can spare drafts of Notes to take a shot at and get to later
  • You can limit the protection of your Note so just certain individuals or gatherings of individuals can see it (constantly accessible just on Profiles)
  • Notes show up in Google seeks

With all the plan transforms you can grow outwardly fascinating Facebook noticed that attract individuals and get shared.

Follow the Facebook Notes step.

  • So here’s the place subtleties get fluffy on the grounds that Facebook hasn’t distributed a portion of these subtleties. In any case, here are the known details:
  • The Facebook Note Cover picture perfect size is 1200 x 445 pixels. In the event that your picture is littler, it will seem fluffy. On the off chance that it is bigger, you can relocate the picture into the place you need.
  • Pictures embedded into the Note can be measured in various ways however the stature is confined to 720 so in the event that you are endeavoring to make your picture bigger, the tallness will cut off at 720. Here are different measurements accessible on pictures:

  • Full width is 1200 pixels
  • Extensive width is 900 pixels
  • Content section width is 700 pixels
  • Greatest stature is 720 pixels

  • Greatest length of the Note is obscure (and on the off chance that you realize it let me know!) Posts can have 63206 characters so I figure the Note would be at any rate that (which is around 15 pages of 11 point textual style content)
  • Greatest pictures of the Note is obscure (again informed me as to whether you know)
  • You can have boundless number of Notes

The most effective method to Access Facebook Notes – Facebook Profiles

Your initial step to making a Facebook Note is getting to your Notes zone. Notes are a Facebook Application simply as are Events. As a matter, of course, you might not have Noted on your Profile but rather you can get to them in a few different ways.

Strategy 1 to get to Notes

  • Go to your own Profile (tap on your name at the exact best of Facebook).
  • Select More simply under your cover photo and in the event that you as of now have the Notes application introduced it will be in the dropdown menu and you can choose it
  • On the off chance that you don’t have Notes recorded, you can choose Manage Sections at the base of the dropdown menu.
  • A spring up box shows up and you can include the Notes application (and orchestrate where you need it to show up on your profile)
  • This additionally might be a decent time to complete a bit of housekeeping and dispose of the things you would prefer not to see.

Technique 2 to get to Notes

There is another, more straightforward technique to seeing your Notes and that is to explore their specifically by going to: The past strategy ensures you have the App introduced and masterminded where you need it.

There are really two spots to see Notes – the connection I just referenced will likewise demonstrate to you the “Notes News Feed” which indicates you Notes of your Friends. You can get to your own Notes straightforwardly by going to So, for instance, my Notes are at:

The most effective method to Access Notes – Facebook Pages

From your Page, you can normally get to Notes under the More catch simply under your Facebook cover photograph. On the off chance that you don’t see it there, you may have expelled it from your Applications on your Page. So go into the Settings, at that point Apps, at that point look down to the Notes App and snap Edit Settings. Include it back on the off chance that it isn’t added to your Page.

Making a Facebook Note

  • The Note creation catch is unique in the event that you are in your own Notes zone or in the general Notes territory.
  • In the general notes territory (which is, you click Write a Note. This is additionally where you see the “Notes News Feed”
  • In the event that you are in your own Profile of Notes, the Add Note catch is the thing that you click. Whichever way is fine. You can likewise get to your Drafts from either put.

Designing Your Facebook Note

First, tap on the Title and type the title of your note. This shows up in bigger content with each offer and at the highest point of the Page.

At that point tap the hazy area at the best to include a photograph.

The initial 4 lines of your note are the most vital in light of the fact that those are the main ones that show up when shared other than the picture and the feature. So make that opening section intriguing. On the off chance that you do exclude a cover picture on your Note you get an additional line or two of content there however I think the cover picture is attractive and furthermore critical.

First passage of note

  • Make the primary passage of your Note fascinating
  • Make your content all the more fascinating by including headings (you can include vast headings with H1 and littler headings with H2), numbered records, projectile records, or statements.
  • Include headings cites records Facebook
  • You can add a photograph to the content zone by mousing to one side and tapping on the photograph symbol.
  • Include a photograph by tapping the photograph symbol.
  • When you do that, a popup box shows up a you can include a photograph from your Facebook photographs or transfer another photograph.
  • Adding a photograph to a Note
  • You can likewise make your content Bold, Italic or include Links in the content by feature the content you need to make interactive and afterward choosing Link

Impediments of Notes

There are a couple of impediments that would be pleasant to survive. One is that you can’t implant recordings into the Note. That would be cool.

Furthermore, the other issue is that you there is no “fix” catch. So on the off chance that you erase a picture, or commit a major error, you can’t hit the fix catch. Fortunately, there is a Drafts choice so you can spare your progressions and updates en route.

Obviously, there are numerous different confinements of Notes contrasted with a normal blog however for a fast and simple distributing stage, Notes have progressed significantly with this refresh.

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